BBQ Safety Guide

It’s time to dust off the garden grill for the first time this year for National BBQ week! Whether the sun is shining or not, it doesn’t stop us inviting our friends and family round for a good old British BBQ. We’re all guilty of burning a sausage or two!.. But make sure you’re not putting anyone in danger, by following our safety guide.

Set up the BBQ in a safe area

Choose a safe place to set up. Ensure it’s on a flat surface and in an open space with no surrounding trees or garden objects that could be a potential fire hazard. Set up the BBQ away from other people to reduce the chance of them getting in the way of the cooking area, and inhaling the fumes.

Do not leave the BBQ unattended

A lit BBQ should  be attended to at all times and children or pets should be kept well clear. For disposable BBQs once you have finished cooking, ensure that the coals have cooled down before attempting to move it. Pour plenty of water or sand over it to fully extinguish the BBQ and do not place in a bin until it has fully cooled down.

Carbon Monoxide safety

BBQs give off carbon monoxide (CO) during use, and may continue to do so for some time afterwards so it’s important that the BBQ remains outside, even it is disposable. The smouldering coals release poisonous CO which is very dangerous, so even if you think it’s out, wait to be sure.  

Be aware of CO poisoning symptoms, these include: headaches, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, confusion and a fast heart rate. If you’re off on a camping or caravanning holiday, it’s worth investing in a carbon monoxide alarm to take with you, to alert you of any CO dangers.

Gas BBQ safety

If you are using a gas BBQ, ensure that the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder. You should do this in an open space away from other people. You can test for a leak to the cylinder or pipe by brushing with soapy water. If bubbles appear then you should tighten to fix the issue.

After cooking, make sure that the gas cylinder is turned off and any residual gas in the pipe has been used.