Boiler warning signs to look out for

As with many things in our homes, the older an appliance gets, the more likely faults will begin to appear. This is no different with our boiler. It’s inevitable that the longer they’ve been in use, cracks will begin to show. It’s imperative we take constant care of our boilers, and this becomes increasingly more important as they age.

Keep one step ahead of a boiler breakdown by keeping an eye out for these common boiler breakdown warning signs.

Your radiators are not emitting as much heat as usual

If you’re beginning to notice a slight chill around the home even though your heating is on as usual, this is a clear sign that there is a problem with your boiler. Not only is your home cold, you’re still paying for your heating bills. We recommend getting a Gas Safe Registered engineer to look at your boiler and advise the appropriate next steps, whether this be a simple solution or a new boiler.

Problems with the taps

Similarly, to feeling a chill around the home, if you’re running the hot tap and the water is lukewarm this is another warning that there may be a problem with your boilers diverter valve and it might be on its way out.

Pressure loss or gain

A major loss or gain in pressure indicated on your boiler suggests there is a fault in the system. The pressure gauge, usually clearly situated on the front of the boiler, should sit between 1-1.5 bar. A reduction in the pressure would suggest there is a leak somewhere in the system, while an increase in pressure indicates there is a blockage or trapped air.

There are tests you can do yourself to adjust the pressure, including; topping up the water in your boiler system, bleeding your radiators and making sure the valve or the filling loop is tightly closed. If you would like more information on how to do this please see your boiler manual or watch our step-by-step video here. However, if your boiler is coming to the end of its lifetime it would be best to get the help of a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Strange smells around the property

If you are beginning to notice a strange smell or dark marks around your boiler then you should get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to the property. These signs indicate there is a problem with the burning function in your system and this should be checked immediately.

While strange and uncommon boiler warning signs often have a simple solution, it’s imperative to get anything out of the ordinary checked out immediately. Carbon Monoxide leaks can be caused by your boiler and can be deadly, and difficult to spot. We recommend that you get a CO alarm fitted if you haven’t already.

The warning signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are;

– Headaches

– Dizziness

– Nausea

– Breathlessness

– Collapse

– Loss of consciousness

Should you be affected by any of these symptoms, make a call immediately to the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999 and seek medical advice.