Bonfire Night Safety

Off to watch the local fireworks this Bonfire Night? Or maybe you are hosting your own in the back garden? Either way it is crucial make sure you stay safe through all the fun and excitement.

Take a look at our top tips below so you make sure your night goes off without a hitch.

Lighting fireworks safely

Before you do anything, make sure anyone who will be handling fireworks have read and understood all warnings and instructions and of course, we’re only referring to adults here.

Fireworks should only ever be kept in a closed box and taken out one at a time. They should be lit on a smooth, flat surface, with nothing flammable around, concrete is best but a well watered garden, without any dry leaves and foliage should also be safe.

Before lighting the fireworks you need to ensure other people are out of range and at a safe distance away, only one person should be lighting the display. A bucket of water should be kept nearby in case of a fire or malfunction, this can also be used to soak fireworks and duds. If a firework has not functioned properly, never try to relight it.


Pet safety

Whilst Bonfire Night is a fun evening for us humans, it can be a terrifying time for our pets, as they do not understand the loud noises that fireworks make. Follow our top tips to make fireworks celebrations less frightening for your furry friends:

  • Keep all pets indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off, walking dogs during daylight hours.
  • Make sure your pets cannot escape if there is a loud sudden noise.
  • Once it goes dark, close all curtain and windows and either turn the TV up louder or put some music on to mask the noise of fireworks.
  • Partially cover small animal’s cages with a blanket so the area is sound proofed and they feel safe and hidden.
  • Make sure your pet has access to their bed or somewhere they can hide at all times when fireworks start going off.

Stay warm

Remember to stay warm!

With fireworks lighting up the night sky, it’s easy to forget the cold factor! Standing around in the crisp night time air watching fireworks means you’ll likely need to layer up to enjoy the displays. Make sure you are well prepared for the weather and wrap up in thick jumpers, hats, scarves, coats, gloves, socks and don’t forget your woolly hat!

Standing around for long amounts of time, really can let the cold set in, so make sure you keep moving around and stomping your feet.


Sparkler fun

Sparklers although fun, must be used with care as they can burn up to 1000C. Only light one at a time and always wear gloves when handling a lit sparkler. Sparklers remain very hot after they have been used and gone out so keep a bucket nearby you can plunge them into water or sand after use.

Children need to be supervised at all times, as with any firework, sparklers can be dangerous. Teach children how to hold a sparkler correctly and advise them to hold it at arm’s length.


Do’s and Don’ts

Here is our summary of top 10 DO’s and DON’Ts to stay safe this Bonfire Night:

DO – Stand far away from the bonfire and firework displays

DO – Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies

DO – Ensure pets are kept inside and feel safe

DO – Only light one firework or sparkler at a time

DO – Supervise children at all times when handling sparklers or at firework displays


DON’T – Use sparklers without wearing gloves

DON’T – Light fireworks or bonfires near dry leaves, trees or foliage

DON’T –  Re-light or go near a firework which has failed to go off

DON’T – Throw fireworks or keep them in your pocket

DON’T – Consume alcohol when lighting fireworks