Can you fix it?

Recent research from CORGI HomePlan has found that one in three people in the UK are living with potentially dangerous faults in their home, because they cannot afford to fix them. Over half of people surveyed said they would only take action on these problems if they got worse (read more here). So we have provided you with some easy ‘How to’ videos to help you fix those pesky problems that are easily avoidable.

How to bleed a radiator

When you ‘bleed’ a radiator, you are releasing the air that has become trapped inside it. The trapped air causes cold spots, so by bleeding the radiators yourself, it can vastly improve the efficiency of your central heating system and even save you money. This means a warmer home and a smaller energy bill – it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Learn how to bleed your radiators with our easy step by step video below:

How to change a lightbulb

Changing a lightbulb is one of the easiest and most simple DIY jobs you can do in your home, although there are important safety measures to keep in mind. Our tutorial shows you step by step how to change the lights in both a bayonet and screw fit bulbs and how to stay safe. You don’t need any tools to change a lightbulb, but you may need a step ladder, depending on the height of the bulb you need to replace.

How to clean a gutter

Cleaning gutters is an easy job to put off, but as with any maintenance job, the longer you put it off, the worse it gets. Clearing your gutters at least once a year will prevent debris from building up and could save damage to your roof and landscaping. Knowing how to clean the gutters can make a huge difference to your home – and you only need a few tools to do so. Watch our simple step by step video below to find out how.

N.B. All the research referenced in this article was completed by CORGI HomePlan 2017