Home Buyers Myth-Busters

Moving house can be stressful, especially if you’re a first time buyer. Between solicitors, estate agents and mortgage advisors, it’s difficult to know which of their ‘must-do’ advice really is ‘must-do’ and which, if any, corners can be cut during a pricey process.

Recent research by CORGI HomePlan revealed that many homebuyers take risks when moving into a new house, simply because they don’t know who covers what. Here are the top five most common misconceptions, set straight:

  1. You don’t need to get a home inspection – FALSE

It’s all too easy to forget that you should have someone (a professional) check a home is safe, especially before you move in with all of your worldly possessions. Astoundingly, only 1 in 10 homebuyers surveyed by CORGI HomePlan consider it to be important to get a professional inspection that to avoid nasty surprises later on!

  1. Your home inspection is covered in the mortgage lenders survey – FALSE

28% of people believe that a home safety inspection was covered by the mortgage lenders survey. Sadly, it’s not. Set aside a budget for an inspection because let’s be honest, you can’t put a price on your safety.

  1. You don’t need to get a professional to carry out a gas safety check – FALSE

There’s Google why do you need a professional? You’re already stretched with the mortgage and it’s a way to save some pennies…1 in 3 surveyed said that they checked the boiler themselves.

Not only is this extremely dangerous but it can end up costing you more, further down the line. Gas Safe Registered engineers are the only people who should be carrying out any work on gas appliances and no amount of research on the internet can substitute this.

  1. You don’t need to ask about service records for gas appliances – FALSE

You’ve just bought a house; the oven looks shiny and there’s hot water. Why would you care about checking some records about the central heating? You’re not alone. A shocking 70% of homebuyers surveyed weren’t aware that new homebuyers can ask for a service record of all gas appliances in a home. So make sure to ask for them in advance because a whole new central heating system if yours is faulty, doesn’t come cheap!

  1. You should wait until you move in to organise home insurance – FALSE

Champagne at the ready, you are officially a homeowner! It’s very easy to leave important things like home insurance until the last minute. 19% of homebuyers who experience problems with gas appliances in the first month of moving in can’t afford the repair. Having insurance helps you avoid this, so make sure you sign up, ahead of moving in and then pop the champagne. The peace of mind you’ll have is another reason to celebrate.

70% of homebuyers don't know they can ask for a service record of all gas appliances...