Important information – Faults found at service

We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify what is covered at service and how any faults found at the service visit should be dealt with.

Replacing G10 seals / Fixing technical bulletin safety issues

If you find you need to replace a G10 seal on a service visit, you should call CORGI HomePlan who will raise a separate callout job for you to be able to separately charge for the part and labour required to complete this work.  This will NOT be counted as a Fault Found at Service (FFAS) and will therefore not adversely impact your firm’s overall performance rating.

The same process should be followed for any parts to be replaced as a result of a Gas Safe or manufacturer technical bulletin.  This will also NOT be counted as a FFAS.

Any other faults

Any other faults encountered on a service visit with one of our customers should be reported to us by calling our team who will be able to raise a separate callout raised as a FFAS.  These will be taken into account in your firm’s overall performance rating.

In summary, any additional work required must be phoned through for a new callout job to be raised.  If additional work is only noted on the service job sheet and has not been phoned through to our agents, this will not be followed up.  This was the old process and should no longer be followed.