Improving Child Safety Around The Home

Injuries and accidents around the home are a major problem for children in the UK. According to ROSPA over two million children suffer accidents at home every year, and as a result are taken to A&E.

Children aged between one and four are those the most at risk, due to falls and fire which can cause severe burning. These accidents can be avoided, and to help, we’ve  created an easy to follow guide to help give you peace of mind when young ones are running about.

Living and dining rooms

The most common accidents tend to happen in the lounge or dining rooms. Your back doesn’t have to be turned for long before a fall or a heads been caught on a sharp edge of a table, which can cause some serious damage! Laying down soft rugs and covering sharp edges on furniture with corner protectors can remove some of the risk and will make these rooms child friendly. Ensure that these areas are also clear of any unneeded obstacles and clutter, as these can also be a potential hazard.

The Kitchen

The kitchen can also be a dangerous area for children, leaving matches and lighters in arms reach can results in fires and burns, so ensure these aren’t easily accessible for any youngsters. Even leaving hot drinks around that can be easily knocked over can cause nasty burns and scalds, so leaving these on high surfaces out of the way is the best safety precaution. Make sure that you don’t leave any lit hobs or hot pans unattended when there are children around, sharp knives and cutlery should also be kept out of sight.

The Stairs and landing area

Along with the kitchen the most dangerous child accidents at home happen on the stairs. This is mainly due to falls which are the most common type of accidents for children, accounting for 44 per cent. Fitting a safety gate at the top and bottom of the stairs is an easy way to eradicate the chance of any severe tumbles, along with removing any tripping hazards. Keeping the children away from these areas when they have friends round can reduce the chance of any playing turning into a serious injury.

The Garden

As the weather starts to get warmer, you want to make sure that your garden is a safe zone for your children to play and enjoy themselves, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that safety alway comes first.

  • Ensure that all the garden gates are locked and there isn’t any gaps between the hedges or fences to reduce the chance of an easy escape route
  • Try to keep prickly thorn bushes down to a minimum or if you do have them, make sure they are trimmed back to avoid any faces being caught or hair getting tangled
  • Check that patios and steps are fitted properly so they don’t cause any unwanted tripping hazards
  • If you do have any climbing frames or trampolines then try to keep these away from walls or hards surfaces. Leaving soft mats underneath these areas can soften any falls if a tumble does happen.
  • Reducing hard surfaces can also make the garden a safer area. Laying down grass instead of concrete will make your outdoor space more child friendly.
  • Maintaining a tidy garden and reducing any clutter that isn’t needed can also reduce the risk of any unwanted accidents.

It can be difficult to keep an eye on your children at every moment of the day, using the above guide should make sure that your home is safe and more importantly an enjoyable place for your children to have fun!