International Mother Earth Day

It’s International Mother Earth Day! Today is all about celebrating the world in which we will whilst sharing ideas and measures that we can put in place to project the Earth, for generations to come.

It’s our responsibility to look after our earth, so here’s some top tips that you can filter into your lifestyle to ensure you’re doing your bit for society.

Think smart in your home

A great place to start is at home. There’s lots of simple tasks in our daily lives that we can alter that will make a massive difference to our environment. Unless necessary, try to refrain from switching the lights on in your home during the day – natural light is all you need! When you’re done, turn it off – this goes for your TV, radio and other appliances in the home that sometimes fade into the background. Using standby modes or leaving plugs switched on not only wastes energy but will also increase your utility bills so getting into the habit of switching off is a win-win.


It’s in the bag

Get in the habit of bringing your own reusable bags to carry your shopping. It’s such a simple way to make a huge difference on the environment. Plastic bags are harmful to our environment as they are made from non-biodegradable material and non-renewable resources, and so contribute to climate change. They can also be harmful to our wildlife as many mistake these bags for food which can congest their digestive tracts. It also saves you a 5p charge per bag in the supermarket!


Walk this way

If you’re travelling on a short journey, try to refrain from using your car. This will help avoid those nasty greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air that we breathe – damaging both our environment and our health! If travelling in a car is necessary, perhaps on a longer journey to work, consider taking public transport or speak to colleagues who travel from similar areas about car-sharing. Simple, but effective!


Only print when necessary

Save the trees! We’re all guilty of printing too many documents, especially when at work but only print necessary documents if you can. If your workplace has a hard copy filing system, consider opting for digital filing. With advanced technology, it’s highly unlikely you will lose your documents as there’s backup options available to keep such documents safe.


Pass it on

Sharing amongst friends and family the steps you’re taking to help protect the environment is one of the most effective ways to make an impact. Teaching children how to be environmentally friendly from a young age can only be a good thing. Think about green initiatives you can introduce into your workplace – could you brush up on recycling, for example? Even the smallest gestures can make a difference.