How to keep your heating ticking over in time for winter

While the warmer weather is here you probably won’t feel the need to use the central heating as much, so it can go unused for weeks at a time. This can be great for your monthly bills, however, if the system is left turned off for a long period then problems can start to occur.

We’ve created a few steps for you to follow which will keep your central heating in tip top condition in preparation for the colder months.

Turn the central heating on occasionally

The central heating system is designed to be turned on and off, and when it isn’t being used as frequently, the system can start to seize up. This is usually due to issues with the water pump valves, and it can be very costly to resolve a seized circulating pump. By leaving the central heating to run at least once or twice a month during the Summer you will ensure that everything is ticking over as it should be, and will help prevent the seizing of any pipes which could cause the heating to stop working come Winter.

Bleed the radiators

Although your radiators might not be as active during Summer, it can be a good time to bleed them to release any air bubbles that are trapped in the system. This will ensure that your radiators are pumping out as much heat as possible when you come to use them. If you are unsure of how to do this then you can watch our easy to follow video here.

Keep an eye on the boiler pressure

The boiler pressure should always be between 1 and 1.5 bars, if it is under or over then it indicates a problem with the system. A reduction in the pressure would suggest there is a leak somewhere in the system, while an increase in pressure indicates there is a blockage or trapped air.

Keeping a regular eye on this will reduce the risk of any major boiler faults and breakdowns that could cost a lot of money to resolve. You can watch our easy to follow video on how to repressurise your boiler here.

Arrange a boiler service

While this probably won’t be at the top of your priority list when you are enjoying the sun, Summer is an ideal time to organise your annual boiler service. A service is designed to highlight any issues and by doing it during the warmer season, you’ll have time to arrange any repairs before the cold weather sets in.