Keeping your garden safe and clean

As the Summer months draw closer and the weather begins to heat up, we are spending more and more in our garden – and rightly so!

The great news is that while we enjoy the lovely weather the UK has to offer, there are a few small jobs we can undertake to keep everything ticking over, that also help to keep our outdoor space safe and clean.

We have shared our top four tips for you to follow this Summer; so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

Unclogging the drains

During the chillier months braving the outdoors to clear the build up of unwanted mud and debris in the drains might not have a been a priority. However, unclogging the gutters is an essential activity as they provide drainage which in turn protects the windows, doors, the exterior of the house and even the foundations of your home from water damage caused by rain and storms – and can also help prevent flooding in any basements.

An important thing to remember when cleaning out your gutters is to make sure you have a sturdy ladder and someone holding the ladder for support. To protect your hands, make sure you wear thick work gloves. Gutters will often have sharp metal parts or screws sticking out, so be careful.

Invest your time

Your outdoor space should not become a burden during the Summer and although it can feel like there is constantly work to be done to create the perfect garden, by carrying out regular tasks you can prevent the workload from creeping up. Investing in garden equipment such as the right tools and a reliable weed killer, is a great way to assist your “to-do list”, minimising the workload.

Purchase quality garden storage

Investing in a shed or storage container to keep all of your outdoor equipment in is a sure way to keep your possessions safe. You should ensure that the storage equipment you are investing in is built with a strong material, which is difficult to damage or break and can also prevent the weather from damaging your items that are stored safely inside. Your items should also be protected by lock and key stopping theft and loss of items – not to mention how tidy your outdoor space will feel!

Good time to insulate your pipe

It’s likely that you rarely spare a thought for your condensate pipe, but you’d certainly know if it was frozen! While there are simple steps to put this right, you can help avoid this in advance.

Summer is the ideal time to put in place any systems that will stop boiler breakdowns when the weather begins to cool and insulating the pipes is one of these. Insulating your pipes will not only help your boiler run more efficiently, saving you money in the long run, but this will also prevent your pipes from freezing, minimising the risk of any problems in the winter.