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Perfect Friday Night

According to Britons the perfect Friday night consists of turning on the heating, drawing the curtains, ordering a takeaway and watching two episodes of a Netflix series… As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, Brits have admitted…
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Bonfire Night Safety

Off to watch the local fireworks this Bonfire Night? Or maybe you are hosting your own in the back garden? Either way it is crucial make sure you stay safe through all the fun and excitement. Take a look at…
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How To Stay Warm During Winter

As winter approaches, days become colder and darker and naturally we begin to turn the heating on more frequently to ensure our homes are cosy and warm when we wake up and when we come home from work. The downside…
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My Family Week

This week marks My Family Week in the UK, which acknowledges that families come in all shapes and sizes and that we should support and celebrate all their differences and keep each other safe. More accidents happen in the home…
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