Perfect Friday Night

According to Britons the perfect Friday night consists of turning on the heating, drawing the curtains, ordering a takeaway and watching two episodes of a Netflix series…

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, Brits have admitted that you just can’t beat a night in. Researchers carried out by Anglian Home Improvements asked Brits to reveal their ultimate Friday night evening. Surprisingly, it discovered that 83% of us prefer a cosy night in, rather than going out and being sociable with friends.

The poll revealed 8 in 10 adults surveyed are happy now winter is here so they have an excuse to stay in with the curtains drawn and have the heating turned up (62%).  However, a bunch who like their homes tip top, the caveat was that all tasks must be completed before relaxation can commence. Before we can put our feet up, there are jobs we like to have done; these include a tidy house (60%) and all dishes washed up and put away (52%).

Nearly half of Brit’s said having the heating cranked up is the best way to enjoy a night in, followed by a quarter agreeing it wouldn’t be right without a cosy real fire and locking all the doors and windows.

7 in 10 loved-up Brits’ perfect Friday night consists of spending the evening in with their other half, yet 29 per cent secretly admitted to wanting to stay in and have the house to themselves. The ideal Friday night drink also divides opinion, with men opting for an ice-cold beer, while women would rather drink a large glass of red wine.

4 in 10 agreed having food delivered right to the front door is the best way to enjoy your Friday night. According to the 2,000 adults surveyed, an average of £32 would be spent on takeaways, drinks and snacks for the ultimate evening in front of the TV. This evening would of course have to be spent in comfy clothes or PJ’s put on as soon as you step through the door, 6:30pm at the very latest according to the poll! What a rock and roll bunch we are.

The survey also found that a good 10 minute chat with our parents is just what we want on  our perfect Friday night. But we’re also keen to keep up-to-date with others so will spend 30 minutes scrolling through Facebook and 13 minutes on Instagram.

The survey highlights how important it is for Brits to create the perfect cosy environment for spending quality time at home. Read more on how to stay warm during winter and reduce those energy bills here.

The formula for the perfect Friday night – according to Britons

  1. Getting home from work by 5pm
  2. Curtains drawn
  3. A tidy house
  4. Dinner dishes washed up and put away
  5. PJs or comfy clothes put on by 6:30pm
  6. A Chinese take away
  7. Ice cold beer (men) Large glass of red wine (women)
  8. Two episodes of your favourite Netflix drama
  9. Your other half with you
  10. GBP32 spend on food and drinks
  11. Scented candles lit
  12. 30 mins on Facebook
  13. 13 mins scrolling through Instagram
  14. 10 minute chat with mum
  15. Central heating on
  16. Locking all the doors and windows