Staying Safe In The Kitchen On Pancake Day

There’s lots of flipping fun to be had this pancake day but it’s important that safety is still at the forefront of our minds while in the kitchen, especially with excited little ones thrown in the mix. We have put together our top tips to keep danger at bay so the fun can begin this pancake day!

Keep Hot Pans Away From Little Hands

It is great to get everyone involved in the creation of the delicious pancakes, however keeping adults in charge of all pans, hot equipment and the cooking of the pancakes is a sure way to keep danger at bay from children.

Preparing a smaller ‘practice pan’ away from the heat creates the feeling of involvement, designing the perfect pancake and getting their flip on, while being out harm’s way.

Keep Germs At Bay

It is still that time of year when lergy is being spread and the common cold is no ones best friend. Ensure that all hands are washed before the fun begins!

Highlight Obvious Dangers

For adults, some dangers in the kitchen seem obvious but for children who are giddy about the prospect of pancakes covered in sugar and lemon these are easily overlooked. Before beginning your cooking it is important to take a minute to brief over the things that will make sure your kitchen is a safe zone when surrounded by lots of excited children.

Immediate things spring to mind when we think of dangers in the kitchen such as a boiling hot oil coated pan, but it’s important not to let the simple obstacles slip your mind because these are equally important. Here are a few things to be aware of to ensure your night is enjoyable and stress free.

  • Keep tea towels away from the heat
  • Don’t leave hot pans unattended
  • Keep the kitchen clear of obstacles
  • Make sure the cooking area isn’t overcrowded
  • Switch off all unused hobs

Have Fun!

Most importantly – have fun this pancake day! Creating colourful and delicious pancakes is what Shrove Tuesday is all about and we would absolutely love to see your creations.