Keep your street safe

How Safe is Your Street?

The CORGI name means safety and we take that responsibility very seriously. We already keep many thousands of homes safe up and down the country and are now urging everyone to take small steps to keep their communities safe, too. Together, we can all play our part. A community where residents look out for each other is automatically a happier, safer neighbourhood. That is why CORGI HomePlan has launched ‘How Safe Is Your Street’, encouraging people to check up on vulnerable neighbours in difficult times.

We’re encouraging people to not close their doors at the end of the day – but knock on their neighbour’s. As the reality is, people who live a metre away might need help. And it’s not just the single mum who might need a lift to take their kids to school but your elderly neighbour might have pipes damaged by bad weather, overblown fences or a faulty radiator which you could easily help to fix.