Important action required – Tackling sludge

One of our most common reasons for declining boiler repair claims is due to the presence of sludge in the system, which is something we don’t cover in our policies.

This often results in a complaint where the customer disputes that there is no sludge in the system, or that no evidence of sludge has been provided by the attending engineer and results in a potential recall or a second opinion being needed.

To help tackle this problem we require attending engineers to provide evidence to both us and the customer.

How to Evidence for the Customer

If you attend a callout where sludge is found in the customer’s boiler or central heating system, you must show the customer evidence of this by

– Taking a water sample from the lowest draining point in the central heating system, not from a magnetic filter.

– Showing the customer physical sludge evidence on a faulty part

– Speaking with the customer, ensuring that they understand your findings and that they agree with the evidence you’ve provided.

Photographic Evidence for CORGI HomePlan

As well as showing the customer the presence of sludge, you must also take photographic evidence of the water sample and/or sludge damaged component that you’ve shown the customer

You should immediately advise CORGI HomePlan that you have evidenced the presence of sludge with the customer and provide full details in your job sheet.  The photographic evidence should be uploaded via our portal, or if not possible, emailed to . Without the evidence we’re unable to process the callout.

Taking these steps will demonstrate and reassure customers that the correct diagnosis has been made.  In turn this will help, prevent complaints, stop any unnecessary delays and support any private quotes you wish to make to the customer to privately carry out a system flush.