Top Tips for Saving Energy

Taking some time to make small changes in your home from blocking draughts to letting your cooker provide some of your heating can make some big savings on your energy costs. Follow these simple steps to stay warm and see how much you can save on your heating costs this winter, by becoming more energy efficient.


Dress and decorate for cold weather

When it is cold outside, dress in layers, wear cosy slippers on your feet and add a hat to your ‘stay at home’ ensamble to avoid putting the heating on and still stay warm. Decorating the house for warmth can also save energy costs by putting rugs on the floor, insulated curtains in the windows and warm blankets on the sofas.


Heat your home with cooking

Leave the oven door open once you have finished cooking to let the heat warm your kitchen. It is a far more efficient to use the stored energy to heat your home than throwing it out via an extractor fan – it might even give off enough heat for you to turn the thermostat down.


Filling the kettle with the right amount of water you need can also save energy. Don’t be one of the households that collectively wastes £68 million on overfilling their kettles.


Switch it off and save

Unplug all the appliances you aren’t using regularly. For example chargers use energy when they are switched on and not even charging!

Also, make sure you aren’t leaving appliances on standby. We all know that leaving appliances such as TVs and PCs on standby is tempting – who wants to wait for anything to load up again? However, standby means the PC is still using power and increasing your energy consumption. If they have a display light or hot to touch, it means they are using up energy.

According to Energy Saving Trust you can save up to £30 a year by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode. So get into the habit of turning your appliances off – not only will you save energy but you’ll also be doing your PC a favour – we all deserve a proper rest every now and then!

Even get the kids involved! Play energy saving games and get them to spot where energy is being wasted with being appliances left on and get them to switch them off.


Think ahead with your heating

Think ahead when planning your heating and it could save you money. Most modern heating systems allow you to set timers, meaning you can make sure your home is comfortably warm when you get home from work. Set your heating 15-30 minutes before you need it to turn on and turn it off 30 minutes before you go to bed, this way you won’t waste energy heating a home whilst no one is there.

Turning off lights when not in use is another simple way to cut down on household energy consumption. Many new homes come with dimmers, which means that you can set an atmosphere and save energy at the same time.


Be efficient with your laundry

To help shrink your laundry bills, wash clothes between 30-40C – 90% of a washing machines expenditure is on heating the water. So washing your clothes at cooler temperatures can make significant savings to your energy costs.

Tumble dryers are also energy guzzlers. Where possible, let your clothes dry naturally – hanging them up to dry will save on energy and might also reduce the dastardly ironing pile – WIN-WIN!