How many Millennials does it take to change a lightbulb?

The generation dubbed ‘Millennials’ are losing the basic life skills their parents took for granted, with one in 10 admitting they can’t even change a lightbulb.

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The cold war

With temperatures falling and nights drawing in, central heating is getting switched on across the country for the first time in months. And with the firing up of the nation’s boilers, come the annual arguments about how hot or cool…

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How to stay warm during winter

As winter approaches, days become colder and darker and naturally we begin to turn the heating on more frequently to ensure our homes are cosy and warm when we wake up and when we come home from work. The downside…

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Carbon Monoxide: The silent killer

Every year there are around 25 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales.

Source: NHS

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About CORGI HomePlan

Whether it’s your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains or electrics, at CORGI HomePlan we’re here to help you avoid the unexpected costs of breakdowns with our HomePlan cover. When you’re insured with us, you can sleep at night knowing there’s someone there to help if anything goes wrong.

You can’t predict when emergencies will strike, and callouts can cost up to £200 if you’re not insured. There’s nothing more important than keeping you and your family safe and warm, so it makes sense to be covered.

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Suspect a Leak?

If you suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak turn off the appliance if safe to do so, leave the house and seek medical attention if required.

Report the leak to the National Gas Emergency Service

0800 111 999